Personal informations

Location Paris, France
Phone number Feel free to ask in contact form
Cell phone number Feel free to ask in contact form
Nationality Slovak

Professional experiences

Period of activity 27th September 2010 - 5th July 2013
Job title or position occupied Web developer / Front-end development
Search Engine Optimization
Principal activities and Responsibilities Ergonomy and website usability. Optimizing the pages of vertical web sites. Implementation of Facebook Connect. Integration of various elements of the Web. Website optimisation for search engines.
Address and company name RPC Voyages SAS -
129, rue Jules Guesde, 92300 Levallois Perret (France)
Company's business occupation or sector of activities ECOTOUR.COM
1ère agence de voyages lowcost. Voyages pas cher, promos, dernière minute
Period of activity 2nd August 2010 - 21st September 2010
Job title or position occupied PHP web developer
Consultant Web
Principal activities and Responsibilities Creation of designs and development of unique websites for many businesses. Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) by analyzing it. Usability of websites, web application development.
Address and company name Hub'Sales - Conseil Web Analytics et WebTV
86, rue Colonel Fabien, 94230 Cachan (France)
Company's business occupation or sector of activities Web developer PHP
Development of different type of extensions and modules for websites
Integration HTML/CSS
Period of activity 17th November 2008 - 31st July 2010
Job title or position occupied Freelance website designer and web developer
Principal activities and Responsibilities Creation of concepts, designs and web site development for different clients. Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Web sites ergonomy and development of web applications.
Address and company name Daniel Torscho
191, rue d'Alésia, 75014 Paris (France)
Company's business occupation or sector of activities Web designer
Web developer
System administrator
Web site management
Marketing analyser
Advertisement management


Period of activity 1st September 2005 - 4th September 2009
Title of qualification awarded Engineer of scientific and technical information
Principal subjects skills covered
  • Foreign languages (English, French)
  • Mathematics (mathematical analysis, statistics and probability), additional chapters of Discrete Mathematics
  • Analytic Geometry
  • Algorithms, programming languages
  • Economics, political science, sociology, psychology and education
Name and type of organization providing education The State University of Tomsk (Information Technologies), 634000 Tomsk (Russia)
Degree in international classification BAC+4

Personal skills and competencies

Computer skills
  • Programming language skills (HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript / PHP5 / MySQL / PostgreSQL / Oracle / MSDB / Tomcat 5.5 / Perl / Apache / Flash AS3.0)
  • Network installation and maintenance of CDN (Content Delivery Network)
  • Knowledge of APIs (Facebook Platform / Brightcove Media / YouTube)
  • Knowledge of CMSs (Joomla / Wordpress / Liferay / Typo3 / Magento / eZ Publish / Drupal / ModX)
  • Knowledge of Frameworks (Zend / CodeIgniter / Yiic / Prototype / JQuery)
  • Basic knowledge of programming languages (Caml / Objective Pascal / C / C# / C++ / VB.NET / J2EE)
  • Expert in Adobe system suits (Photoshop / Illustrator / Flash / After Effect / Dreamweaver)
  • Professional skills in 3D Studio Max (Visual Rendering / Animation / Modélisation / Texturation / Motion Capture et Visual 3D Model Baking)
  • Outsourcing of Microsoft Office softwares (Word / Excel / Access / PowerPoint)
  • 3D game development with libraries of OpenGL and DirectX
  • Experience in SEO (Optimization for search engines)
  • Integration of Facebook Connect / Application development in the environment of Facebook SDK (FB API / FBQ / FBML / XFBML / FBJS / OpenGraph Protocol)
  • Experience in website optimization for Rich Snippets and Microformats (Microdata / Microformats / RDFa)
Technical skills
  • Control of process quality management
  • Communication skills, technical support (software, peripherals)
  • Expert in Windows operating system and Unix / Linux / MacOs
  • Expert in Hardware and Software, component devices, troubleshooting and service
  • Programming skills and software development
Organizational skills
  • Project management team and experience working with systems Subversion Repository (SVN)
  • Responsible and able to work on solo projects
  • Good skills in accounting and business organization, quality report writing
Social skills
  • Ability to implement cultural projects and exhibitions
  • Ability to adapt to multicultural environments, gained through my working experiences in abroad
Language skills
  • English / French / Czech (Fluent)
  • Russian / Slovak (Bilingual)