Web site development

There are different types of websites depending on its purpose. Some websites simply provide the business information, some sites purchase, or sell products, and some sites allow users to connect with themselves. Therefore, it is very important to select a correct format to create a website.

  • Presentation website
    Presentation website(1)
    A brochure type website is used to provide information about a business. Usually, it's a static website which serve for represent your company to your clients or another type of users. The purpose of this type of website is for example, to describe your business, adress of it's location and opening hours. It contains a few pages such as: Services, About us, Contact, etc... If you need to create a website only for providing the appropriate information, then this type will suites you.
  • Presentation website
    Dynamic website package
    Known as CMS, which stands for Content Management System. It is a system that allows the clients and/or their users to manage the website. They can update or make changes to some specific content from their website easily from any devices having the access to the internet (pc, laptops, tables, smartphones) within the administration zone where you will able to login as an administrator website, and make neccessary changes to your website. The pros are that you will be able to manage your website independently by yourself without need to call the experts.
  • Presentation website
    E-commerce website
    It's almost the same as the Dynamic type of website, except the E-commerce solution is taken to another level where it makes possible of selling goods and offering services. The people are able to buy from this type of website directly with multiple payment options you will be able to choose from. With this package, you could keep an eye on the level of your stock items, generating custom reports, handle different invoices, product categories, etc...
  • Presentation website
    Custom Hybrid website solution
    These type of sites incorporate multiple types of website for maximum exposure and interaction. It's some sort of a custom package where you first need to find ot the reason for creating a website and what to expect from it.

(1) - Development of PRESENTATION WEBSITE is compatible with the other types of website for future development if you will plan to get one.

Mobile application development

Practically, the all kind of websites from the list above, are already made to be compatible with the mobile devices, saying that the website will automatically detect the devices and will appropriately adjust the whole page to make it mobile-friendly. But it's possible to create an application for the specific mobile OS (Operation System) such as iOS (iPhone), Android (Nexus, Samsung, HTC, etc...), Blackberry or Windows Phone (i.e.: Nokia).